Solid dosage forms

A precise dosage, easy to package and simple to take: tablets and capsules are leading forms of administering medicines. Alongside the active pharmaceutical ingredient, which in some cases can be present in low concentration, the basic ingredients in tablets that make up the majority of the volume are subject to high quality standards. In order to ensure uniform mixing, the ingredients should be freely flowing and should enable easy processing in the tablet press.

Budenheim excipients fulfil the requirements for use in medicinal products: having high purity and consistent physical properties, such as particle size, surface structure and bulk density.

Directly compressible tablet excipients (DC grade)

The direct compression procedure for tablets is becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry, and offers significant advantages.… more

Dry and wet granulation of tablet excipients

Budenheim supplies filler binders of fine particle sizes in specific normal distribution ranges for traditional dry and wet granulation processes… more


The pH defines the degree of acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution. Pure water, for instance, has a pH of 7 and is defined as neutral. If the pH is lower, the … more

Flow-regulating agent

Powders tend to clump together. The reason for this is the adhesive forces between the individual particles. The smaller the particle size (i.e. the finer the powder), … more