This duroplastic was one of the first plastics ever to be produced, and became known as Bakelite. In contrast to thermoplastics, duroplastics are cross-linked and, therefore, carbonise when heated without melting first. They can only be machine-processed, in other words through cutting or turning.

Today, phenolic resins are also used together with additives such as wood as moulding material for the production of sturdy, heat-resistant plastic parts.
Modern fibre-reinforced composites are produced in a process in which layers of wood, paper or fabric sheeting are placed over each other, impregnated with thin resin and pressed at temperatures upwards of 150 ºC. They are used in electronics as printed circuit boards, and as heat protection shields for aerospace.

Flame protection

For use in plastics, Budenheim has consistently developed environmentally friendly flame retardants further to enable their direct incorporation during the production of … more