HFFR for plastic

For use in plastics, Budenheim has consistently developed environmentally friendly flame retardants further to enable their direct incorporation during the production of the various base materials. Through this process, they protect household appliances, aircraft cabins, electronic cables and many other useful devices that have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

This ensures that the ever-increasing technical and legal requirements can continue to be fulfilled in sensitive areas of application, such as public transport, air travel, the construction industry, industrial buildings and even in energy production.

Flame retardants have a particularly important function in electric cables and device components that come into contact with electric currents, both in household appliances and industry. Correspondingly, their area of application covers a wide range.

In the event of a short circuit, all efforts need to be made to prevent the material from catching fire. Budenheim has developed special phosphates for this purpose, which lead to the formation of a protective layer in the event of an external fire. A short circuit in live parts, therefore, is practically impossible.

The most important property of Budenheim's phosphates and other halogen-free flame retardant agents: they remain thermally stable at temperatures considerably higher than 300 ºC, therefore fulfilling the basic requirement for use in plastic processing. Moreover, they do not wash out with water and are not corrosive, a particular benefit given that they do not cause any problems in the processing machines.