Water is the natural element of fish and seafood. In order to keep them fresh and tasty for a long period after being caught, specialties from Budenheim are used as stabilisers. These products ensure that seafood and other salt or freshwater specialties remain tender and succulent all the way to the dining table, whilst preserving their natural nutrients throughout.

The Budenheim Commitment

Budenheim's true commitment goes above and beyond our professionalism and the quality of our products. This is why we want to present and share with you the Budenheim 4S COMMITMENT, the four essential cornerstones underpinning all our products.…  more

Moisture control

In order to make sure that seafood arrives at the dining table fresh and succulent, moisture must be retained in the muscle tissue.…  more

Conservation and complexation

When fish products are left too long at room temperature, they make their presence known: by their strong smell. Natural oils and fats found in fish and seafood are particularly susceptible to oxidation.…  more

Avoiding black spots (Melanosis)

Especially with seafood, it's also about the presentation. These products must look impeccable and fresh. Discolouration such as black spots is not an appealing sight.…  more