Natural fibres and leather

Plant and animal fibres such as cotton, wool, silk and leather have always been the basis for our clothing, and still are today. Yet their usages in daily life do not stop there. For example sisal as a padding; cotton and wool or leather as covers for seating; felt as sound insulation or as gliders under pieces of furniture to protect flooring; and non-woven fabric in car door trims.

Processing agents

In many production methods processing agents, are used. Usually they are not present in the finished product, but still play an important role in manufacturing by guaranteeing the quality of the end product.…  more

Flame protection

Our clothes made of modern textiles, our favourite sofa or other chairs upholstered with fabric or leather, in addition to carpets and soft furnishings in public buildings, aircraft and trains, are all equipped with flame protection. Budenheim phosphates are used as halogen-free flame retardants in high-quality natural or synthetic fibres, technical textiles or textile fibre-reinforced materials.…  more