Water is the essence of life, and every day we need several litres - both for drinking and for housekeeping. Water is also essential in industry. Phosphate additives ensure a consistent and stable quality of water, and prevent residue, build-ups and corrosion in pipes and facilities. Water stays crystal clear with phosphates from Budenheim in high-purity, food-grade quality.

Drinking water

Tap water - just turn the tap and out it pours, clear and fresh. But in fact it's not as simple as that. To get this kind of water quality, the… more

Industrial water

Whether in the chemical industry, in autoclaves, in paper manufacturing or in large-scale power plants, water plays a central role in industry in the… more

Membrane processes

Providing clean drinking water is not always a simple matter. In many countries, precipitation is not nearly sufficient to meet the whole demand.… more