Statement of the Managing Board on COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis is forcing us to face unknown challenges. However, we will remain by your side throughout these days – with decency and distance.

Dear business partners, dear suppliers, dear neighbors,

In order to slow down the further spread of the coronavirus, governments have adopted drastic measures globally. Measures that have turned our personal and professional life upside down.

It is effectively forcing us to face challenges, which are not just unfamiliar to us, but have never previously experienced. Understandably, this is creating uncertainty and concerns about the future and especially about the health of family and friends. We will remain by your side throughout these days - with decency and distance. As a globally active company with more than 1,200 employees and 3,700 customers, we are accessible for you.

We feel a special obligation to do everything in our power to take care in this difficult situation. Our top priority has always been protecting health and well-being. Therefore, we continue to fulfil our responsibilities as your business partner, customer, and neighbor.

We find motivation in knowing that, what we have to offer, serves the social community. Production, sales, and logistics keep running successfully, in order to support other companies to produce valuable products, such as food and medicine.

Budenheim is following the recommendations given by the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the ones given by the local health authorities and exceeds them in many cases. All local sites are continuously monitoring the development of the pandemic situation very closely and taking protective measures to ensure the healthiness of our employees as well as the quality of our service- and product portfolio.

In this exceptional and challenging time, the dedication and contribution of our employees prove once again, that Budenheim has a particular human touch. We are convinced that we will all overcome this, if we continue to grow closer and support one another.

On behalf of all Budenheim colleagues, we thank you for your confidence, commitment and solidarity and wish you and your family good health.

Take care and stay healthy,

Dr. Harald Schaub
Chairman of the Managing Board
Dr. Stefan Lihl
Member of the Managing Board