Does that go together? It certainly does! Budenheim’s Environmental Statement shows how, in detail and not without pride.

Being a manufacturer of special chemistry our activities have always come along with a responsibility towards the environment and people. This belief has always worked well for us as the success of the past few years shows – both economically and ecologically. This success has not come automatically: everyone at Budenheim has worked for it and driven it systematically. One outward sign of our commitment and our responsibility is the Budenheim Environmental Statement. Since 1996, back then as the first phosphate manufacturer worldwide, we have been publishing our environmental statement every year and have had them validated according to EMAS.

EMAS is a voluntary community eco-management and audit scheme. It was developed in 1993 by the European communities for companies wanting to continuously improve their environmental performance. EMAS is based on an environmental management system, internal and external audits and, of course, the environmental statement we would like to present to you here. EMAS goes beyond a conventional environmental management system according to ISO 14001. It is performance-oriented and strongly involves the employees. That way it promotes the identification with environmental protection and that is exactly what Budenheim wants – active environmental protection. You can see how we practice environmental protection in our daily lives when you open our updated environmental statement from the link on the bottom. We hope you will enjoy reading it and are looking forward to your feedback.