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Budenheim underlines path for growth for its wildfire business

Budenheim, one of the leading specialty chemical companies, is responding to the threat posed by global warming, expanding its activities in fire retardants for wildland fires.

Budenheim, which has been present in this field since 1978, bases its efforts on new developments of proprietary technologies of the FR CROS® product line, together with a geographical expansion into new territories and new markets.

The FR CROS® product line combines a portfolio of fire retardants and suppressants with equipment and related services for air and ground attack operations. At the recent exhibition on Aerial Fire Fighting in Nimes (France), Budenheim presented FR CROS® 111, a new Class A foam suitable both for forest and municipal fire brigades.

In line with its expansion strategy, Budenheim is in process to enter the North American market. This market is the largest in the world and Luigi Lugato, Budenheim’s new head for its wildfire business, stresses that, “Budenheim is very confident to get in the North American market in the near future”.

Uncontrolled wildfires fueled by dry vegetation, strong winds, high temperatures and low humidity can consume vast amounts of the earth’s wildland in a short time.

On average, more than 50,000 wildland fires affect 5 to 9 million acres of land in the USA every year, causing extensive damages and contributing substantially to greenhouse gas emissions.

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